I'm Sunil Shenoy: a programmer, UI designer and a movie buff. I currently live in Mumbai,India.

Namaste. Be Good.

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First Open Source Project

Wanting to create and maintain an open source project has been on my list for a long time. The plans for the project were always grand. A project like textmate or rails, since I have been following these projects for a long time. But thinking of getting to that scale always stopped me from starting. Strange how that works.

Starting small with how I progress problems has been an exciting change for me.

I have been working on an image resize script and decided to try a serverless approach to create an API which would help with the resize and return the thumbnail URL after the image was resized.

My previous approach to how I accomplished this was to run a server which had ImageMagick installed and use PHP to interact with ImageMagick and perform the resize operation. The previous approach was not without problems. Often user's would upload a specific image which could cause ImageMagick to crash and would fill up the entire disk space with temp images. Pixel flood attack is also an issue I came across.

I have been reading about Lambda since Amazon announced it and after trying Lambda, I was sure serverless approach to solving image resize was the way to go forward. After trying Lambda and Google Cloud functions, I liked how easy the Google Cloud UI was to create and build cloud functions.

Presenting my first open source project:

If you come across an issue or can think of a better way to handle the resize operation, do send a pull request. Also, I am new to node.js.🤗