I'm Sunil Shenoy: a programmer, UI designer and a movie buff. I currently live in Mumbai,India.

Namaste. Be Good.

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Migrating from Site5

Following my previous post about server setup for web applications, I have now moved this blog from Site5 to DigitalOcean.

I have been using a shared hosting account with Site5 since 3 years now and 2 days ago the cPanel account at Site5 got hacked compromising my blog and a few other client projects I was supporting.

Since I did not hear from Site5 and their support has been non responsive, I decided it was time to move this blog to DigitalOcean, a service I have been using and recommending quite a lot.

Not being great at customer support is no longer an option. I always wonder why more companies don’t invest resources in hiring the best support staff. Any response is better than no response at all.