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Travel Diaries: Andaman n Nicobar Islands

I recently took a trip to Andaman with a few friends. If you have never been to Andaman before, I would definitely recommend going there, although I would advice against booking a package from one of the tour operators.

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This was my first time taking a trip from a tour operator. We got the trip booked from Yatra.com and the operator there did ensure that we did not have a good trip. The hotel we got put up in was way really far from the city centre, the ferry tickets were always booked at the last moment and very little of planned for what we did the entire day.

Should we be blaming the local tour operator or the travel portal? As my friend said, it’s always the person who I booked from who will get blamed, in this case Yatra.com.

Andaman is a good place to to visit, if you want to disconnect
Really, there is almost no mobile reception. BSNL and Airtel are the two service providers, but even they only have a good cell reception with almost no mobile data facility.

Vodafone, although works well in Port Blair(again, without mobile data), but has no service in any of the other islands.

No phone calls and the smart phone battery lasted the entire day.

Beaches and the sea food
This sounds a bit obvious since Andaman is an island, but the beaches were clean and well maintained compared to some of the other beaches around India.

Avoid the food in the resort and try some sea food stalls around the beach. We had some of the best sea food by the beach in a small food stall.

Get a two wheeler and explore yourself
We spent most of the time exploring Neil island by ourselves rather than depend on the tour operator. The two wheeler ride and being able to spend as much time as we wanted at the beach was one of the highlights of the trip.

Chocolate Brownie
If you like chocolate as much as I do, do visit the Barefoot Bar & Brasserie restaurant in Havelock Island. One of the best choclate brownies I have ever tasted.

Happy New Year. Hope this year brings you loads of joy and happiness